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Coach Black Friday Pre Sale

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Savanoriu PR. 124 A
IV: 11-23 hours; VI: 10-18; VII 9-22
Tel. (8-5) 2161919, Fax: (8-5) 2162264

Active Gym
Antakalnio g. 37
IV: 7-22; VI-VII: 9-18 hours
Tel. (8-5) 2344547

Sky Gym
Futures g. 10
IV: 8.00-22.00, VI-VII: 10.00-18.00
Tel. 8-630 12582

7 Muses - Family Vacation Center
Gedvydžių g. 17 (Fabijoniskes)
IV: 8.00-21.00; VI: 10.00-17.00; VII 10.00-14.00
Tel. 8 5 247 0700

Liberty Avenue 125 A
IV: 9.00-21.00, VI 10.00-15.00, VII 11.00-14.00
Tel. 8 687 89734

Olimpians g. 3
I-IV: 7.00-22.00; V: 7.00-21.00; VI: 9.00-19.00; VII: 10.00-18.00
Tel. 8 5 272 7744

Mindaugo g. 14b
I-IV: 6.30-22.00; V: 6.30-21.00; VI-VII: 9.00-18.00
Tel. 8 5 2659191
El. mail:


VŠĮ " Aerobikos klubas Leta "
Kuršių g. 7
Mob. Administration +370 657 51429
Mob.:+370 657 57718
Skype: Aerobic Club
P.Lukšio 40 (Rase gymnasium)
IV: 8-21 hours; VI: 9-15 o'clock VII: not working
Tel. (8-650) 98062
E-mail: mailto:
Volunteers pr. 404
IV: 7-22; VI-VII: 10-22 hours
Tel. (8-37) 490300
Savanoriu PR. 66 / Žemaiciu g. 31
IV: 8-21 hours; VI: 9-16 o'clock VII: 9-15 o'clock
Tel. +370 37 42 68 68, Mob. +370 659 95 222
Rietavo g. 11
Tel. 8 37 365745; mob 8 600 90100
Aleksotas Sports Club
Veiveriu g. 151
I - V: 10 - 21 hours; VI: 10-14;
Tel. 8 686 76253
Orion (Orion Trail)
V.Krėvės pr. 53
I - V: 7 - 21 hours; VI: 9-13; VII - we do not work
Tel. 8 676 21080, (8-37) 313193

Pramonės pr. 35 (T.Masiulio Youth School)
I - V: 15-21.30; VI: 10-13; VII - we do not work
In the morning: I, III, V: 10-12 hours.
Tel. 8 676 21083

Veiveriai 152

VS Fitness
Icelandic pl. 32

Butrimoniu g. 9


Kitonija GYM - Women's Sports Club
Kepienių g. 10 (Old Town)
Tel .: (8 46) 314 338
H.Manto g 84, (PC Studland, 2nd floor)
Tel .: (8 46) 259 922
Peace pr. 101, (PC Debrecen)
Tel .: (8 46) 345 454
Vingio g. 8, (PC Vingis)
Tel .: (8 46) 322 522
Klaipeda GYM
Naujojo Sodo g. 1A "Klaipeda Hotel - K" Business Center "
Tel. 8 675 48 584 E-mail:

Vilniaus g. 44
Tel. +370 41 52 22 27
February 16th 55
Tel. +370 41 50 26 30
St. Lukauskio g. 5a
IV: 8-21 hours; VI: 9-16 o'clock VII: not working
Tel. +370 41 399464; mob +370 616 80464
Aido g.10
IV: 8-21; VI-VII: 10-16 hours.
Tel. + 370 41 550025

Amazon Island - Women's Sports Club
Nemuno g. 73, ROMA Shopping Center, III floor
Tel. 8 670 15551


New g. 52 (Sports Palace)
Tel. (8-315) 38431
S. Dariaus ir S. Gireno g. 10 (Rabbit House)
Tel. (8-814) 15147

New g. 17,
I - IV from 10 to 13 o'clock and from 16:00 to 21:00 V, from 14:00 to 20:00.
Tel. 8-612-38769

In the yard